Wednesday, November 5, 2008

books... 'Old & New' by Katherine Sorrell

What is great about this book, is that it embraces what I love about decorating a home... which is that it should be organic, in the sense that it is a gradual process, something that you are always adding to as things catch your eye, which could be anywhere - and you don't necessarily have to think if things will 'go' together, they are just bits and bobs that you pick up as you go through life and this book then helps you to see how they can work together, giving your home personality and more importantly, individuality.

The book is in 2 sections - The Spaces, and The Elements.
The Spaces moves through each room and looks at how you can best combine old and new in the various environments. The Elements focuses on the items that you fill your home with, and how they can complement each other and there are tips and advice throughout the book on 'Getting it Right'

Published by ©Ryland Peters & Small
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