Monday, November 10, 2008

love nest loveliness...

Congratulations to my two good friends Jo & Zac who are celebrating their first year of marriage today, and in honour of them and their recently purchased victorian terrace, I promised I would pass on a couple of ideas for creating the perfect bedroom!
Generally I think you should start with a blank canvas, that you can then accessorize and add to as you pick things up, so this is just a basis from which you can build from.

Next do an array of coloured plain duvet covers and pillow cases at reasonable prices, this one in black would cost around £55 for a double set.

From this you should try and pick up a great piece of furniture that will look striking next to your plain backdrop....
I love these drawers from Graham & Green These aren't cheap though at £875, but.....

Check out these similar ones for £125... just as pretty for a fraction of the price.  Visit Decorexi for their full range.

 If you want to add some interest to your walls there are lots of fab wallpapers around, although you may have to splash out a little for something different...
This Crazy Botanic design from Shop Floor Project would look fab on the wall behind your bed for example... This is £165 per roll. (but think what you just saved on those drawers!)

And finally, throw some cushions on the bed ... and you are off to a good start!

Vintage fabric Union Jack Cushion - £85 - Cox & Cox
Long black LOVE cushion - £42 - Velvet
French Sack cushion - £49.95 - Pedlars

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  1. What a great idea for a blog - you are like a personal shopper! :-)


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