Friday, December 5, 2008

Eco Christmas idea...

well... the Christmas countdown really has begun! These days we are all much more aware of our environmental responsibilities, and especially at Christmas we should try our best to cut down on waste, and always remember to recycle all those greeting cards and wrapping paper.
Christmas crackers also leave behind lots of waste, and that is why I love these crackers (£25 for Box of 6) from Biome Lifestyle...

not only are they beautifully stylish and simplistically festive, they are made from handmade seed paper, which means that if you plant the paper after you have used the crackers you will end up with some wild flowers to brighten up your home long after those turkey leftovers have been eaten!
You will get all your usual cracker paraphernalia - joke, hat, small gift (fair trade of course) and also an eco-tip.
The gifts are handmade by women working in Kathmandu, who are paid fair wages and work in good conditions.
So with all these benefits for you, your guests, the women workers, and the environment - how could you possibly resist?!? 

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