Sunday, January 11, 2009

Camouflage Chic...

...and I'm not talking army style cushions or painting all your furniture so it blends into your wallpaper! 
The Camouflage Company designs are definitely the prettiest camo I've ever seen.... and their products are super practical too!
It is very unlikely many of you are spending much time in your gardens at the moment (unless you are reading this in Australia or the like, but I'm going to pretend that you guys are not baking in beautiful sunshine right now!) so you might want to protect your garden furniture until the warmer and lighter days roll in, and these great covers are the perfect and prettiest way to do this!

Left: Circular table cover - £25
Right: Parasol cover - £16.50

If, like me, you are not blessed with a garden, they have lots of other gorgeous goodies for around the home, I am loving their peg bags and shoppers....

Peg bag - £6

Shopper - £10

Check out the rest of their range at The Camouflage Company shop

PS. Don't forget to enter my competition before Wed 21st January!!

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