Monday, January 19, 2009

an inspiring home....

I thought for a change I would show you a home which I have came across that makes me want to save every spare penny, so my other half and I can get that 1st home as soon as poss and start doing it up!! 
On Living Etc magazines website, you can post pics of your home on their forum and this is definitely one of the most inspiring on there....

what i love.... the floor tiles, front doors windows, the framed gig tickets which Lucy's partner had been collecting since he was 13! there are 6 of these framed sets of tickets!

what i love.... the huge clock and industrial style light.... see my recent post on lighting....

what i love.... the Smeg fridge (v jealous!) the green wall tiles, the metallic bread bin 

what i love.... the reclaimed headboard, the neutral colours as it makes the headboard a feature, the fireplace, the cat! 

what i love.... the cluster of personal pics, Love & Peace cushions and that comfy looking chair! 

what i love... vintage tube station signs, the rug, the full length curtains

I think what I love most is the simple colour schemes in all the rooms, to which Lucy has added interest with some nice features such as the reclaimed headboard and some well chosen accessories!

PS. Don't forget only 2 days left to enter my competition to win the 'New London Style' book!! closes at the end of the day on Wed 21st! get your entry in asap! 


  1. Love this post with Lucy's home pics. I also love the big clock and the underground signs. I love anything British really! It reminds me of the time I spent there in my 20's. It was a great 3 years!!!

  2. Lovely photos - I'm not surprised you love everything!

  3. Beautiful home, and this won the monthly prize too!! :)


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