Monday, February 9, 2009

its chilly outside, and in.... the retro fridge

there are lots of things that we want but can't afford, and one of mine is definitely a Smeg fridge... they have to be the ultimate in fridge aesthetics... could a white goods item be more beautiful!?

pic from Bazaar Style book

but when retailing at around £800 upwards, I thought I would check out some of the cheaper alternatives.... while I'm not sure if I could settle for a non-Smeg, i thought it wise to have a look.... which do you think is the next best thing?

Gorenje - approx £550 -650 - buy here

Baumatic - £499 - buy here

Or if you're in America and have more than enough cash to splash on a fridge it has got to be a Big Chill.....

from $2695 - buy here 

Or perhaps I will just have to hit Ebay for that second hand Smeg...!! xxx


  1. You must be reading my mind! I too want a Smeg and our freezer has given up, so have been looking on ebay for second hand Smeg. Great alternative finds! Even though i still can't afford it - the Baumatic one is nice and retro :)

  2. Hi Chick! Pop over to my blog and pick up your deserved award!...Your Blog Rocks!

    Love Happy xx


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