Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kitchen dreams....

I can't believe I am even dreaming about picking out kitchens now! but is it just me or is there just too much choice?! If we do end up firstly, finding a house, and then getting to fit our own kitchen, I'm not sure if I am ever going to be able to make decisions on what to go for!
I've collected up some pics for inspiration and there does seem to be a similar theme running through....  but still... colours, doors, tiles, freestanding, fitted, appliances, blinds, curtains..... argh!


  1. I can definitely see a theme, really like the handles in the top 2 pictures. I'm finally getting my kitchen cupboards done in the next day or 2 and am suddenly scared!! :)

  2. Decisions, decisions! There are just way too many!

  3. Hey, me again. Just thought i'd let you know that Ikea do a 'snacka' handle like the ones in the top 2 pics, only £1.96! (i have actually posted a reply to you on my blog post with ikea link but didn't want you to miss it!) x


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