Saturday, March 14, 2009

Country Living Fair faves!

I've just got back from spending the day at the Country Living Spring Fair in Islington... as always it seemed another busy year for the fair - not much sign of the credit crunch there! 
I was keeping my eyes peeled for items to furnish our new home (we do have to find it first though!) and I was loving the gorgeous french vintage furniture from Maison Claire.... check out Claire's website for items such as these:

Set of French Vintage Floral Storage Tins - £54

Victorian Pembroke Painted Kitchen Table - £250

Vintage Green Galvanised Bread Bin - £40

Rustic French Wall Unit - £120

I am also loving these personalised lavender hearts (£15) from Natures Harvest.  You can have your house name added and hang at your door! how sweet! 

I have decided I want to collect all the letters that make up Patchwork Harmony and then when I get my little home office, I will have them all lined up on a shelf! I'm sure you know what I mean, but something like this....

and today I picked up a P and a T from Katharine Pole's stand! here they are!

Let me know if you know of anywhere good to pick up a good selection of wooden letters!



  1. Pretty pretty things! I especially love the storage tins.

  2. Could you take a look at our site, which has thousands of french style, shabby chic, disgressed, rustic and tradional furniture, soft furnishings as well as home interiors?

  3. that green bread box is so cool

  4. What a great idea to find all those letters!

    Had to laugh at your "credit crunch" comment as that is almost exactly what I thought too!

  5. Hello Caroline
    I seem to be a little late in visiting your blog.. but how delightful it is and it is funny to think that there were probably several bloggers rubbing shoulders all under the same roof .. anonymously!
    I recognise the lovely letters you show.. I think Katherine's stand was possibly my favourite... stylish, elegant and highly covetable items.


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