Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brilliant bargains at the Maxx...

I had totally forgotten how great TK Maxx is for homewares.... I usually can't be bothered to trawl through their clothes, but I popped into one the other day and got lost in the homewares aisles!
You can pick up some fab stuff like Le Creuset cookware (like the ones on the right) for half the price.... I also spotted some pretty good replicas of British designs such as TG Green and Burleigh which looked lovely.

This is what what I picked up for under £20...

2 enamel pots £4.99 each
wicker basket with floral fabric £3.99

So if you have never been or had forgotten about the bargains to be had get yourself down to the Maxx! Find nearest store here.... :)

ooh... and here's the results from my easter egg hunt this morning!! minus a few I've eaten and the ones I'm yet to find! yum! :)


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