Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter eggs, chicks and Spring time gardens...

I am loving this lovely long Easter weekend! and I am really hoping my lovely boyfriend will do the annual easter egg hunt in our flat for me! I am usually still finding mini creme eggs hidden behind a book around August!

Check out Homes & Gardens list of organised egg hunts around the country here.

I couldn't resist including a couple of cute chick pics on the Easter post.... look at them!! so sweet! :)



Sadly the weather is pretty grey & dull in the South East of England today.... so I am just going to have to try and imagine sitting in one of these lovely gardens instead!! I especially love the antique slatted chairs! (from the Long Room - 020 8392 4966)

Linkall pics from

Happy Easter!!


  1. Just popping in to wish you na nhappy Easter - hope you found lots of eggs!
    The weather here in the SW has been lovely & sunny.


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