Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a 'flickr' of an idea....

Flickr has been around for a while now, but i think it seems to be one of those social networking sites that seems to be standing the test of time... I think it is great for if I'm going on holiday somewhere I've never been before.... I can go check out some real peoples pics and see what it is really like, rather than your glossed over holiday brochure images....!

(it might not be what you expected.... tee hee!)

Its also a great source for pics to post on your blog... As a picture editor by trade I am fully aware of copyright issues with photography, and have even asked some of the picture agencies that I use in my work if I can use their pics for free on my blog, and it is a no-go.... but with flickr it seems as long as you link to the photographers page from your blog it is acceptable. I know I would not mind it myself as it means more people get to see my 'stunning' holiday pics! :)

Anyway, getting to the point of this post.... I had an idea of creating a flickr page for Patchwork Harmony and that I could get customers who purchase products from my store to send me a picture of what they have bought in situ of their own home, which I could then add to the flickr page.... I thought it would be really interesting to see how people incorporate the accessories they buy into their own interior....

I would really love to hear what you think? Would you send a pic in of something you'd bought? Or am i being mad?! :)



  1. Hi! I started reading your blog a week or so ago, it's ace!

    I would totally send a pic if I'd bought something!

  2. No you are not mad that's a great idea .
    Caroline I received your parcel today thankyou very much . I love the heart of course and really keen to get started on the book . I have posted a photo and a link to you in my blog just now . Thankyou so much !

  3. Hi, I found you through your FT article via Decor8 - lovely piece. I like the Flickr idea. It's really easy to set up a group and I think seeing a product in situ can be more inspiring than just seeing a product shot.

  4. Flikr is a brilliant place to visit and a very useful site too! I think I would be very nervous of seeing what people do with my work, tempting though!
    Em x

  5. Just found your blog via Esther Aliu's blog.
    The Flickr idea is brilliant, I would send a pic on possible future purchases and certainly check out a Patchwork Harmony Flickr page.

    Bye the bye, putting your e-mail address in words as opposed to a link is another brilliant idea. If you have a broken '??thingie??' then you are unable to contact people with a click on link

  6. It sounds like a good idea, though I don't know much about Flickr.


  7. I think it's a fabulous idea! What fun it would be to see all the different ways your clients incorporate your pieces! By the way thank you for the pay it foward gift! I recieved it today and it was promptly placed on my fridge! It's the little things that really make me smile and that was a big bright spot in my day! I plan to post my pay it forward post on Monday. Have an amazing weekend! ♥

  8. Great idea, why not! I love flickr a lot, it's an amazing resource.

    I've decided you are my guardian angel - either sending me fab interior books or giving me serious blog love. I've noticed a HUGE difference since your FT article. You rock!! x

  9. hey caroline, that's a wonderful idea, im sure people would love to send photos especially if love the item. Madebygirl does this, her customers send in photos of their home from the wall prints they bought from her shop. I would love to buy one from your shops if i could =)

  10. Every photo uploaded to Flickr has a copyright statement, and these vary - eg. creative commons is not the same as all rights reserved. I'd suggest checking this for any photos you plan to blog, to see if your wishes are in line with the photographer's. If someone has a photo as all rights reserved, they'd probably prefer you asked, rather than simply inserting their photo on your blog. I've had my photos blogged without my permission or knowledge, and it's a tad irksome. I'm sure you'd rather nobody blogged your photos or words or other creative work without your permission.


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