Thursday, April 30, 2009

My London antiques market trail...!

I bought a fab book the other day - The London Market Guide and I just can't put it down! So I thought I would plan out a week at London antiques markets... there are so many that you can visit one every day! Some are only on on certain days, so I know I for one will find this useful to look up if I ever happen to have a free Tuesday afternoon and want to hit a market...!

Monday - Covent Garden
I never realised there was an antiques day at Covent Garden! stall holders include Malcolms Musical Emporium.

and Covent Garden Bottles

Tuesday - Alfies Antique Market - closest tube: Marylebone - Open Tues-Sat. Another one I have to admit I am yet to visit, but have a plan to go this weekend, and I am just TOO excited!

Wednesday - Camden Passage - closest tube: Angel - Open: Wed & Sat.
This is one of my favourites, and although I have only ever visited on a Sat even then it is not too busy and you can stroll around & browse leisurely... be sure to explore every nook and corner as there lots of gems to be found!

Thursday - Greenwich Market - There are 3 parts to Greenwich market, and a browse round the the Village market used to be my favourite weekend pastime, until they recently closed it down to make way for another development of offices or apartments.... I am absolutely gutted, but apparantely one of the remaning parts of the market sells antiques and collectables on a Thursday, so all is not lost. Also on the weekends, the part of the market next to the cinema is worth a look.... I picked up my clock from here for £15.


Friday - Bermondsey Market - 4am - 1pm - you have to be up early for this one! This is another I plan to visit very soon, it is quite near me so I am ashamed to say I have not made it there yet!
The area has been given a bit of a revamp but luckily the market has stayed put, and it a weekly haunt for serious antiques dealers.

Virtual Tourist

Saturday - Portobello Market - no market trail would be complete without a visit to Portobello! Yes, it is a bit crazy on a Saturday, but it has a great buzz, and you can literally spend all day rooting through things and exploring. I do find it slightly more expensive than some of the others so be sure to be pushy and haggle!



Sunday - Columbia Road/Brick Lane - surprisingly a relatively quiet day for antique markets... but Columbia Road flower market is such a great day out, and is lined with some lovely little shops and a few stalls are lurking around too.


So if you are in London, you will know there is always somewhere to go in search of some treasures!



  1. Hello,
    What a beautiful selection of photos.
    Everything looks just super.

  2. Gosh, I wish I were in London right now.... Thanks for the eye candy!

  3. Yes...makes me want some 'market therapy' too!

  4. Oooh I would LOVE to do that... MUST get myself a copy of that book!

    Lovely pics :-)

    Rose XXX

  5. Now that is fantastic and what a wonderful adventure it woul dbe to visit all these markets. I have been to a couple but that book sounds great!

  6. Oh what wonderful markets! I wish we had lots of fab thrify markets like that near us! Boo Hoo!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. Could you put me in your pocket please... I would be in seventh heaven amongst that lot.. but it wouldn't take me long to spend what little money I have in my purse...

    Michele x

  8. I love Portobello Market and Brick Lane... Sigh, I wish someone would do one of these for Scotland... or that we had more cool markets in order for someone to write a book on them!

  9. This is a really helpful post as I am planning to take some time off work and trawl the markets... now you've planned my week off for me!

    Victoria x

  10. Mmm, I wonder if I could go to that Bermondsey market before work...not quite sure...!

  11. Thanks so much for this post - it is really useful. I had no idea that Covent Garden had an antiques market on a Monday and I've lived in London all my life!. I will be heading there very soon!

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