Friday, April 24, 2009

'sew' sweet!

I just came across this pic of a beautiful sewing/craft room... it is so colourful and organised! If I ever had a sewing room I would want it to look this, but know I could never keep it this tidy!! :)


The owner is a talented childrens illustrator called Jenny - she also has a delightful blog.... and an etsy shop.

And her studio is so sweet! .....

These gorgeous things have definitely left a smile on my face for the weekend! :)



  1. Oh one day I will have a craft room like this!

    Victoria x

  2. That's so funny, I just randomly found her blog yesterday. I had so much fun going through it. I instantly fell in love with the craft room too...the colors are so vibrant and cheerful!

  3. how bright and cheerful, indeed! off to visit her, thanks:)

  4. A beautiful craft space...very sweet and inspiring!

  5. It looks gorgeous - but so tidy! I don't think I could ever keep a work space that neat!

  6. I love that it's so colourful. Jenny's sewing room looks like art.

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us..
    How I would love a room to call my own.. but for now I will make do with the kitchen table for all my arts and crafts..
    That collection of Jenny's is the stuff of dreams!

    Michele x


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