Sunday, April 26, 2009

stunning shots by Sussie Bell

As I mentioned in a previous post I wanted to give a nod to some of the great interiors photographers I have come across...

These are a few images from the work of Sussie Bell....

all pics ©Sussie Bell



  1. Very pretty. I really like the colours....and recognise a few of the pics, so it was nice to go onto her site and see some more. Thanks for that! My favourite is the blue 'mug of tea'.....think I'll go and make one now!

  2. I *love* each and every picture! Thank you for sharing them...

  3. Ah, I've long wanted those Love pillow covers... I saw them in a shop once and they only had them in black and white. I think you can get them in shocking pink but also a really nice bright blue at Cox & Cox. On my shopping list!

  4. Those are lovely pics - very pretty. I have the 'love' pillows covers (in red) – got them from Lush Designs.


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