Friday, April 10, 2009

the vintage caravan revival...

well on the news this morning it was reported that caravanning holidays are up 40% in the UK since last year... is it the effect of the credit crunch or is it just that we are all just craving a little bit of nostalgia? even if it does mean braving the good old British weather?!
After hearing this news and also spying a gorgeous photo montage on Biba's post here on her inspiration bubble blog, I thought I'd give a little appreciation to the vintage caravan... there is something so photogenic about them don't you think?

I loved the recent feature in Marie Claire magazine which featured some stunning caravan interiors... making me REALLY want one! :)

Emily Chalmers, owner of one of my fave shops - incidentially called Caravan - owns this amazing Citroen H Van.... I just love the sunny yellow interior!

and Helen Carey owns this 1954 Airstream.... love it!

One of my fave films is 'Into the Wild'.... I literally wanted to get up, buy an old camper and go see the world after watching it! - although I may have to stop and decorate it as beautifully as the ones above first!!
You have to watch this film, if not only for the beautiful soundtrack.

So if you are feeling the caravan love but think your neighbours might disown you if you plonked one in your driveway!... check out these fabulous vintage style caravan holidays....

They even have their own shop too..... Vintage Vacations Shop.



  1. It all looks so pretty but it's not my favourite holiday - we used to go caravanning when I was a child ..... communal ablution blocks? No thanks!

  2. Oh great post!! So happy i inspired you! I am forever lusting after a 70's vw camper, i love these interior pics you found :)

  3. Oh, such happy caravans! I love them. I have done a couple of caravan posts as well, this one just a few days ago:

  4. I've enjoyed looking at your vintage caravan pictures. Vintage caravans are truly lovely things to have. I have five from 1933, 1938, 1949 x 2 and 1958. All are regularly used, need minimum work to keep them on the road and are all very different. Modern caravans all look the same and feel characterless. Part of the fun of vintage caravanning is kitting them out with items from the period in which they were made. I am a member of the Historic Caravan Club, and as well as using my caravans for holidays, attend social and show rallies with fellow members. The club has just under 200 members, many of whom, like myself have several caravans, so collecting them does become a little bit addicative.

  5. Oh great post!! So happy i inspired you! I am forever lusting after a 70's vw camper, i love these interior pics you found :)

  6. I used to live in old caravans as a child and have decided to return to my first love and start doing them up, possibley to rent out to fetivals etc. I live in Brighton, great place for all that is retro/seaside kitch, however, not so great for finding a place to store a caravan. If anyone knows of anywhere, in or nearby Brighton where I can, please please let me know. Or come work on the project with me? Poppy x

  7. Enjoyed looking at your blog. We are members of the Historic Caravan Club and have six vintage caravans from 1933, 1934, 138, 1949 x2 and 1958. All are used regularly for holidays and part of the fun is equipping them according to the period in which they were built. All of our vans are comfortable and do you really need a television or a microwave when you go on holiday? We don't miss them one bit!



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