Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Vintage & Handmade Fair....

I've been so excited about getting round to writing this post as I had the best day in ages yesterday! We drove from London in the glorious sunshine up to the lovely town of Chipping Sodbury, not far from Bristol, to visit the Vintage & Handmade Fair....! We got there about an hour after it had opened and it was already packed out! But it was an absolute treasure trove, and I had to rush out to the cash point after about 15 mins as I'd spent my 'budget' already!! This is what I bought.....

some lovely vintage fabric.....
a 1950's glass jug.....
a beautiful candle in a vintage teacup...

a china pot to put my chamomile tea in...

and a vintage mirror with painted flowers...

I wanted to get some pics but it was so busy I couldn't get any good shots of the stalls, so here are a few from Jayne at Country Country Chic's Flickr page.... you can see more pics here.


Country Cottage Chic stall

the stall I got the candle from - Hen House

how cute!

Gorgeous picnic set!

All things vintage & retro!

there was a huge queue for the tea & cake stand so we never had any! :(

Cowboys & Custard stall

Thanks guys for putting on such a great fair! Afterwards we did manage to get some tea & cake... and then we drove to the village of Lacock in Wiltshire, which is owned by the National Trust and has been the set for many a period drama, such as Cranford and Pride & Prejudice, and also the Harry Potter films.
Check out the cute bakery....!

My last purchase of the day was a pretty lemon juicer from Lacock Pottery.... which also had the most gorgeous poppies outside!

A perfect day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

All about the outdoors!

Its been another busy week, but I am so happy that the week is finishing with some glorious sunshine across the UK! Everyone's mood seems to be lifted!
And I am excited to be going on a little day trip tomorrow up to the Vintage & Handmade Fair!
yay! I'm planning to get up at 5:30am as we need to go pick up the car we are borrowing and set off before the roads get busy, so I am off to bed soon, so I will leave you with some lovely outdoors inspiration, so when you are sitting out in your garden this weekend you can dream of what you may have planned for it! Enjoy the sunshine! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photographers appreciation...

Fabulous photography from 2 great interiors photographers worth a mention....
firstly Andrew Boyd...

and secondly, lovely work from Polly Wreford (represented by Sarah Kaye)
I especially love that Polly's images show how mixing different florals and other patterns can be done in style... so beautiful!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

car boot sale sadness...

Today I toodled down to Upper St in Islington, to check out a vintage table top car boot sale I had seen posted online here - and to my dismay I found only 1 lonely stall holder sat on her own!
She told me lots of stall holders had said they would be there but no one else had showed up!
how sad, as I think it could have been really great... I think the problem was lack of publicity, I could not find anything else on the web about it, and I guess maybe the potential stall holders thought it not worthwhile... :(
I'm sure this will definitely not be the case at the Vintage & Handmade Fair happening in Chipping Sodbury next Saturday, which I am so excited about! I reckon it is going to be super busy, and I am sharpening my elbows as we speak!

After my disappointment about the car boot sale though, I was cheered up at spotting a little pug getting walked (I sooooo want one of these little guys in case you didn't know!! - maybe 1 day....)

Friday, May 22, 2009

the sun has got his hat on!

So the word is London is to be baked in sunshine this weekend, no better time to have a picnic in the park then! and that's exactly my plans for Sunday! the hottest day of the year so far, or so they tell us!

Picnic Knife - Cox & Cox

Indoor Outdoor Rug - Cox & Cox

Vintage Welsh Blankets - Re

Vintage Picnic Hamper - Clara Bows on Folksy

Happy Picnicking!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spreading some blog love!

Recently I came across Dorset Cereals Little Blog Awards and scrolling through the nominees suddenly felt a little overwhelmed by just how many great blogs are out there... I think I'd got in the habit of only checking out the blogs I am currently following and not bothering to explore what else is out there...
I think I have now added about another 20 blogs to my reader, and I really don't know how I am gonna keep up with everyone! but here are a few that caught my eye, and if you don't already know you should get to know! xxx
These are just a few I found, and good luck to them on with the blog awards! x

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Salvo Fair 2009

I have just been flicking through the latest issue of Period Living and was excited to see a 4 page article on the Salvo Fair, with which the magazine is working in association with, and are offering a 2 for 1 entry to the event for readers ! Very handy, as entrance is £7.50. Now while I am saddened to the fact I might not be able to make it to the fair as I am supposed to be spending the weekend its on in Clacton, I thought I'd share it with you guys in case you are nearby and can make it down there! It is being held at Knebworth Castle in Hertfordshire from 26th - 28th June. Just check out their website for all the info. But if like me, you won't be able to go and experience a field full of salvaged loveliness, here are a few pics from past fairs.... I for one literally wish I could step into the photos and start exploring!!

They also have a blog for all the latest news & pics, and you can even follow them on Twitter.
Anyone planning on visiting?
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