Saturday, May 23, 2009

car boot sale sadness...

Today I toodled down to Upper St in Islington, to check out a vintage table top car boot sale I had seen posted online here - and to my dismay I found only 1 lonely stall holder sat on her own!
She told me lots of stall holders had said they would be there but no one else had showed up!
how sad, as I think it could have been really great... I think the problem was lack of publicity, I could not find anything else on the web about it, and I guess maybe the potential stall holders thought it not worthwhile... :(
I'm sure this will definitely not be the case at the Vintage & Handmade Fair happening in Chipping Sodbury next Saturday, which I am so excited about! I reckon it is going to be super busy, and I am sharpening my elbows as we speak!

After my disappointment about the car boot sale though, I was cheered up at spotting a little pug getting walked (I sooooo want one of these little guys in case you didn't know!! - maybe 1 day....)


  1. Your story reminds me of the time I went to a pyjama party and found to my horror that I was the only one in pyjamas!!
    I do hope your premonition about the V & H Fair is right.... At least we know there will be quite a few sellers there.. we just need the buyers!
    Hope to meet you soon.


  2. that is disappointing!

    Those dogs always remind me of the talking one in the "Men in Black" film, I always expect them to speak! (YES I AM nuts lol)

    Rose XXX

  3. Oh that is so sad – and disappointing. I would so love to go to the vintage and handmade fair... I guess it's lucky for my bank balance that it's so far away - looking forward to seeing what you get though!


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