Saturday, May 9, 2009

Easy Elegance by Atlanta Bartlett

Easy Elegance is the latest book from stylist Atlanta Bartlett, and is very much on my Amazon wish list, since I laid eyes on the extract that came with Elle Decoration this month...
It is so close to how I would like my home - a mix of the old and the new, not too cluttered, with eclectic, characterful items everywhere you look... A home that is lived in, but yet effortlessly chic.

pics by Polly Wreford from Easy Elegance
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  1. nothing effortless about that look! Where's all the stuff!?! And how do you stop fluff growing on the dinner plates? But don't you just love those dinky little bowls in the boxes? t.xx

  2. Didn't you just love that booklet that came with Elle Decor!!! I cant wait to buy that book, looks fab.

  3. The book looks great, I love the minimal look when I do achieve it!

  4. Gorgeous interiors! Your blog is so beautiful, I can't wait to see more. Thanks so much for following mine!

  5. Hi,

    Glad you love the book! Just to let you know, you can buy the book direct from us, the publisher, at

    Best wishes,


  6. I love how the plates are lined up in the second picture.


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