Monday, May 4, 2009

my homemade vintage style cushion!

I've been meaning to make this cushion cover for ages now, and finally got round to it this weekend... the pattern was in the March issue of Ideal Home magazine, I can't find it on their website, so here is what you need and how to make... it is really simple, even I managed it! :)

You will need:
22cm x 100cm piece of lace (I used a vintage table runner!)
40cm x 100cm piece of fabric
3 decorative buttons
Sewing Machine
40cm x 40cm cushion pad

Step 1: Fold under a 1cm hem on the 2 long sides of the lace and press. Pin centrally along the length of your plain fabric & machine stitch in place. Hem both short ends of the fabric by turning over 1cm and then another 1cm. Machine stitch in place.

Step 2: With the right side of the fabric facing up. measure 28cm from each of the short ends & fold into the middle. The 2 short ends will overlap, creating a 40cm x 40cm square. Pin & then stitch 1cm in from the 2 rough edges.

Step 3: Turn the cushion over the right side out and finish by hand stitching 3 decorative buttons to the front opening making sure you sew through the top layer only. Then fill your cushion cover with a 40cm x 40cm cushion pad.

I also made it to Alfie's Antique Market this weekend, which I mentioned in a previous post which was fun to browse around, although the price tags were a little out of my budget!
I did pick up the buttons which I use on my cushion and some fabric, which is an old curtain but I hope will make some nice new cushion covers!


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  1. lovely cushion :-)

    I have been keeping my eye out in local charity shops and boot sales to try and pick up some pretty fabric so I can attempt something like this, but have so far not been very lucky!

    Rose XXX


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