Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photographers appreciation...

Fabulous photography from 2 great interiors photographers worth a mention....
firstly Andrew Boyd...

and secondly, lovely work from Polly Wreford (represented by Sarah Kaye)
I especially love that Polly's images show how mixing different florals and other patterns can be done in style... so beautiful!



  1. Hi, new to your blog. Oh how much do I want the bucket of flowers. So beautiful.

  2. Oh these are just adorable. Hard to pick a favourite. But it made me ralise how much my taste to changing to more things feminine and florally.

  3. These pictures are all beautiful! Lovely collection.

  4. ohhhh, i love both sets of photography! you're right, they're worth mentioning and im off to get to know more about their photography!


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