Monday, May 18, 2009

Reclaiming linen and lace

I'm currently keeping my eyes peeled for any beautiful vintage tablecloths or linens to give a new lease of life to...
I love the ideas that were featured in a little booklet that came with BBC Good Homes magazine this month called 'Make it Yourself' There were lots of great easy projects but my faves were these....

a beautiful piece of fabric with lace, attached to a wooden frame creates an amazing window screen.

and could it be more simple? some classic teatowels attached to thin wire with metal clips creates a cute window blind.

If you are after some interesting pillowcases, check out these from Australian Etsy seller - oldyarns. they use vintage linens sourced from around the world to create pillowcases & blankets etc. So simple but I think they have such charm!

I am also liking the cushions from Hen & Hammock which are made from Hungarian 1930's grain sacks.... £55


  1. I must agree that these simple fabrics have so much charm .. I remember my mother upholstering chairs in raw linen with red piping on the arms.. in the 1960's... timeless appeal.

    Michele x

  2. such good ideas, thankyou for sharing :-)

    Rose XXX

  3. I have been keeping my eye out for similar things, I would love to make some blinds for our lounge using vintage tablecloths.
    Fingers crossed for your search!

  4. I must make one of those lace window screen things. It is awesome. We need something for our bathroom, and that, i feel is the solution! Thank you! x


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