Sunday, May 17, 2009

some new vintage items....

Just a quick update on some new items I have just added to the Vintage section on the Patchwork Harmony Boutique.
I am especially loving the Cathrine Holm enamel saucepan - it is just gorgeous!

Retro advertising jug - more info

Cathrine Holm enamel saucepan - more info

Enamel coffee pot - more info

Glass Jelly Moulds - more info

Vintage Oxo tin- more info

Vintage pin tin with pins- more info



  1. Love Catherine Holm! And I've never seen a red Dorcas tin. Are they a different type of pin to the blue ones?! t.x

  2. Great selection. Yep, the saucepan is a winner...also loving the jelly moulds!
    Hope your weekend has been lovely.

  3. How great are they - I love the jelly moulds too. I am trying to keep away from plastics.

  4. Kitschen Pink - I'm not sure... I have a blue tin myself, which was my mum's so has a mixed collection of pins, but this one has just got small standard pins...
    I love the red one, it is so lovely!

  5. Ooh lovely things... I actually have one of those jelly moulds (found it in a charity shop in York... was so chuffed!) so I can confirm for anyone interested that they do make superior jelly as well as looking fab :)

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