Friday, May 15, 2009

taking Kirstie Allsopp's advice.....

While I have always kept my eye out for discarded pieces of furniture left outside our flats or near to bins, I never quite had the nerve to take anything I fancied, but since watching Kirstie's Homemade Home, I've had a bit more confidence with my scavenging! If she can do it so can I!
And yesterday my other half & I both spotted an abandoned table with potential when leaving for work separately, and during the day hatched a plan to nab it that evening... luckily it was still there, so now it is holed up in the bedroom until we move to our new house!

So now I am planning the makeover....!
I am thinking either - to do an undercoat in white and then over the top a minty green colour (right - Farrow & Ball), which I would then distress to show through some white... and possibly do the legs in white...?

Or do the undercoat in a fresh lemon yellow colour, and then do the top coat in white, and distress to show through the yellow colour (left - Dulux)....
I haven't done much of this kind of thing, so would love to hear what you think!!
I want to get some pretty door knobs for the little cupboards on each end too...
Something really pretty like these Graham & Green ones....

I'm gonna save this project for when we move, so in the meantime let me know what you think!



  1. What fun. I think the minty green colour but it depends on your colour scheme. I love projects like this. Good on you as you are going to breathe life into this piece of furniture again. I think I need a project like this too.

  2. I'm a fan of sage green so I'd go for green but it would also look nice with blue coming through.

  3. The green is so pretty! I love your makover plans. The knobs and handles are delightful to look at and it makes me so want some!

  4. Good for you for giving that table a new loving home! :) I personally love these kinds of projects. Once had an enormous low Ikea coffee table - - - had it sprayed glossy white from professional car sprayers and it looked fantastic. I've sprayed (car spray) a cheap chest of drawers white and stencilled on blue and silver maple leaves; painted the wooden knobs blue and gold (acrylic paints); Painted the top and edges of drawers in silver (acrylic paint) - - - and yes, I'm very pleased with the results. It's highly individual and * designer *. As for your table project I say just go with your heart and have fun :)

  5. Ooh I love scavenging for furniture. In my flat share half the bookshelves and tables were rescued from neighbouring streets.

    Faith's idea of car spraying works very well, one of my guy friends does the same with his furniture to give it a new lease of life. I've been psyching myself up to do the same with my wooden bed stead. It's massive though and am too lazy to take it outside!!


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