Sunday, May 10, 2009

textiles & furniture from Donna Wilson

I discovered Donna Wilson's work on a recent visit to the SCP shop in Curtain Road in East London...
I spotted this cute fox cushion and fell in love... He is made from 100% lambswool and is knitted in Scotland.
buy from Donna or SCP - £60

Then when i looked into her work I realised I want half or her range!

Lovely blankets.... at £42 - very reasonable...
This one is a collaboration between Donna and SCP, and is £169.... (available at SCP)

And I REALLY want one of these pouffes! although I better get saving as it is £390! eek!

And well if we are gonna talk big money, how about this sofa.... I love it.... but not so much the price - £3510. maybe one day!

but if you don't fancy splashing out this much but would like to buy into her style, she has some cute little glasses for £14....



  1. The pouffe is just gorgeous!! Time to go and put all my belongings on eBay so I can justify buying one :)

    Delighted to find your blog by the way!

  2. Love the cushion...and love the blankets which have a justifiable price tag too! x

  3. My word but that second blanket is just gorgeous!

    Hello by the way - I recently found your blog and I love it! Thank you!

  4. I really want that sofa but it's so pricey. All our stuff is already on ebay but I don't think we will get anywhere close to that lovely sofa - or even the pouffe. :(

  5. I love the pouff and the sofa, just gorgeous!
    btw, i've posted the lemonade award, thanks again for that, it's a real honour.


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