Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Vintage & Handmade Fair....

I've been so excited about getting round to writing this post as I had the best day in ages yesterday! We drove from London in the glorious sunshine up to the lovely town of Chipping Sodbury, not far from Bristol, to visit the Vintage & Handmade Fair....! We got there about an hour after it had opened and it was already packed out! But it was an absolute treasure trove, and I had to rush out to the cash point after about 15 mins as I'd spent my 'budget' already!! This is what I bought.....

some lovely vintage fabric.....
a 1950's glass jug.....
a beautiful candle in a vintage teacup...

a china pot to put my chamomile tea in...

and a vintage mirror with painted flowers...

I wanted to get some pics but it was so busy I couldn't get any good shots of the stalls, so here are a few from Jayne at Country Country Chic's Flickr page.... you can see more pics here.


Country Cottage Chic stall

the stall I got the candle from - Hen House

how cute!

Gorgeous picnic set!

All things vintage & retro!

there was a huge queue for the tea & cake stand so we never had any! :(

Cowboys & Custard stall

Thanks guys for putting on such a great fair! Afterwards we did manage to get some tea & cake... and then we drove to the village of Lacock in Wiltshire, which is owned by the National Trust and has been the set for many a period drama, such as Cranford and Pride & Prejudice, and also the Harry Potter films.
Check out the cute bakery....!

My last purchase of the day was a pretty lemon juicer from Lacock Pottery.... which also had the most gorgeous poppies outside!

A perfect day!


  1. Thank you for coming along Caroline.. I am so sorry I didn't get to meet you..
    I would love to have had the time to chat to all the wonderful visitors who came from far and wide..
    Next time...!


  2. Oh I'm so sad I missed it... maybe next time I'll brave the drive up there.

    You got some wonderful things (I have one of those jugs!)

    Victoria x

  3. I'm so glad you made it Caroline & it was lovely to meet you!


  4. Really glad you had a good time there. Well done for driving all the way up from London!

  5. Oh my you have some treasure there! From start to finish! That lemon juicers is the cutest ever! t.x

  6. wow your pics of the fair are fantastic, it would have been great to be there!
    (although not so great for the bank balance!)

    looks like you picked up some fab things :-)

    Rose X

  7. Hi Caroline,
    So pleased to have discovered your blog, just goes to show how the V&H Fair really brought people together! I loved the jug you bought from Jayne's stall, I was talking to her at the end as we packed up and remarked that the jug had sold. Good choice! My mum and dad came to the fair and they went to Lacock on the Friday, I was jealous as I've never been. Where abouts are you in London? I am SE. Perhaps we can trade vintage shopping secrets!
    Hen x

  8. What a perfect day indeed! I'd love to have gone. That little mirror you found is especially nice.

  9. Oh that all looks gorgeous. I would have loved that picnic basket!!

  10. going to a vintage fair sounds very exciting. I wish i could go to one here, or may be some place like Venice:)


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