Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beautiful Tim Walker photographs

After perusing the Domestic Sluttery blog yesterday, I had to dash down to the Design Musuem today at lunchtime and nab myself one of the amazing Tim Walker posters which they had highlighted ... this is the one I went for...

I think the colours are just stunning in this shot and can't wait to find a lovely frame for it!
There are 2 other images available too, although they are currently low in stock so get down there asap if you can!!

They have some other fab posters too so be sure to check out the online store....
Design Museum.


  1. Oh how I love the Lily Cole shot. I want to live with that spiral staircase.

  2. the photos are magical... im suddenly thinking of ALice in Wonderland!

  3. Oh, the illuminated dresses one is my fav!

  4. they are fab :-)

    I think Domestic Sluttery is something I can trully aspire to lol, I am def more that than domestic godess! I don't know how Nigella does it......

    Rose XXX


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