Sunday, June 28, 2009

Caravan Club!

We've just arrived home from a lovely weekend of caravanning! Holidaying in Britain is definitely back, and the caravan should definitely have a part in that! Especially if you can make them look like this....

or this....


oh and you can check out my previous post on Caravan Love....


  1. Even I would consider caravanning in the first caravan. How beautiful. Au revoir London, bonsoir dorset!

  2. beautiful caravvan pics!
    I want one! lol

    Rose XXX

  3. Oh lovely! We have a week off at the end of July and I can't decide between camping and caravaning... so tempted to stay in one of those old school american ones on the isle of wight but they're a bit pricey!

  4. Great pics! I'm obsessed with campervan interiors at the moment, soon to be doing my own.... :D

  5. Truly wonderful photo's, I especially like the bottom picture of the red interior. Very colourful!

  6. looking to find some inspiration to decorate my newly aquired caravan. Love the pictures!


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