Thursday, June 25, 2009

My 1st interview! and some lovely new products!

This week I was honoured to answer some questions for Enterprise Nation - an online resource for small home based businesses.
If you would like to read about how I set up my online boutique and find how I went from writing my blog to running a business - have a read! 'Q&A with Patchwork Harmony'

Also I have just added some lovely new vintage items to the boutique... here are just a few, but be sure to check out the vintage section for more!



  1. hey congratulations for another well-deserved honor! one of my dreams is to start my own online shop too, and i hope i can come to that as well,,, soon i hope. i'll check on your interview for some tips;)

    the yellow vintage tin is my fave!

  2. Just read your interview - I too, started my blog before I started my online shop although I had a home-based interior design business just started too. I don't have a day job but 2 young kids and being married to a dairy farmer seems to take up a lot of time! Gorgeous online shop by the way.
    all the best, Lorna

  3. I also meant to say too that I also find that while Twitter has definitely increased the number of visitors to my site, i can't say whether it has helped sales or not. The blog, though, has definitely helped with my SEO and I'd say has contributed to about 30% of sales.
    My twitter name is

    Enjoy the seaside :-)


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