Monday, June 22, 2009

Retro Radio Love

This weekend I went down to Brighton to Snoopers Paradise and was very happy to come away with something I've being looking for for a while - A Bush Radio! Just like this one.....

I am actually starting to feel a bit of a retro/vintage radio obsession coming on... I spotted a few other great radios in Snoopers Paradise, but had to leave them behind... :(
Now I am no expert so I won't get technical on you about makes & models and the like, instead I will just post some pretty pics of radios! Don't you think they are just so photogenic?!

pics via House to Home & Flickr

And I am also loving this which I found on Etsy from seller bluewindow...

a photograph printed onto a wood panel - $55.

PS.... don't forget to enter my giveaway!!


  1. Please don't show me pictures of radios - I already have one in every room of the house with few to spare for traveling.
    They are lovely looking though - I wonder if himself would notice a new one?

  2. These radios look so fabulous...i have to start hunting for one myself!
    I'm glad you received the little dress card and even happier it made you feel better after a bad day.

  3. vintage things are the coolest :) love them!

  4. I was given a new but retro style Roberts radio in pink a few years ago for Christmas & I love it!


  5. That third picture - I am totally in love! Wendy xx

  6. I am on my second Roberts radio.. after my first.. a leaving home present from my parents when I was 18 years old.. was stolen from my first digs..
    A radio is essential and a retro radio even more so!

    Michele x


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