Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shop at the Museum

While I've always loved going to 'the shop' anytime I go to a museum, attraction or gallery, they wouldn't be the first place I would visit when searching for nice things for my home... But this month Homes & Antiques magazine drew my attention to this lovely collection of items designed by Madeleine Floyd from the National Trust shop.... how cute are these mugs and teatowel?!

So I thought I'd check out a few other museum shops to see what hidden gems they might have...
At the V&A this interesting teacup & saucer caught my eye... it was designed exclusively for the V&A by Julie Verhoeven....

and for relaxing in this glorious weather we are having a brightly coloured deckchair! Also exclusive to the V&A.

And I am also loving the nostalgic posters you can pick up from the London Transport Musuem... these are just a few examples!

So if you know of any other good museum shops do let me know!! xxx


  1. I love a museum shop too :-)

    The old posters are fab!

    Rose XXX

  2. i really like the cup & saucer and the chair:)

  3. Oh loving the cup and saucer - and that 'way out' print is so fab. Arrgh I so don't need another print in my life but now I want one...

  4. I want the cup and saucer! The Natural History Museum shop has some cool stuff!

  5. hey there, i've just tagged you in a little q&a. Please see my blog for details. x

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