Tuesday, June 2, 2009

which wallpaper?

As I anxiously wait to get through all the legal stuff and get into our lovely new house, plans & ideas are constantly whirring round my head... one of which is wallpapering a section of the hall and displaying some vintage mirrors in a cluster.... not a new idea, but I just love it! Something similar to this....

The mirror I picked up at the Vintage & Handmade fair is the 1st to my collection! I need to get hunting!! :)

I know I want a quirky wallpaper, but I just don't know how I'm going to choose....! Here's a few I like... what do you think?

Wonder Walls - a fab site for vintage style paper.

Designed by Hannah Waite for Wonder Walls

Belynda Sharples at the Shop Floor Project




  1. you must be so excited about moving (I would be!)

    Let us know which one you pick wont you??

    Rose X

  2. Hi, randomly found your blog.

    The mirror is too cute. Where is the market you went to? Have you checked out http://www.wallpaperdirect.co.uk they have hundreds of designs and a little cheaper than usual.

    I am currently in love with Arizona by Osborne at Little. It's actually my laptop's wallpaper (how sad am I!)

    I love the mirror cluster. I have been hoarding hand mirrors to do something similar in my bedroom or hall.

    Let us know what happens! So exciting!

  3. Belynda's of course! A wonderfully talented Norfolk lass! (... who used to be our neighbour!)! Of course you could be completely barmy and have a sample of each and do it for free too! HA! perfect solution - leaving lots of pennies to spend on mirrors! t.x

  4. Personally... I love the bird cages.. though might be a tad busy if you don't have minimalistic furnishings... I am the worst person to ask though as my house is a mish mash of period jumble meets kitschy naff!

    Putting the icing on the cake is the best part of moving house.. enjoy!

  5. Oooh how exciting Patchwork! We used to have our art deco mirrors in a (huge) cluster in our last place but haven't got round to putting them up in the new place – still trying to get a feel for where would be best for them ;)

    I like the ecocentric bird cage wallpaper best. On the sample idea Kitschen Pink suggested... I did see a ref recently where someone had got lots of samples and framed them – looked very fab. :)

  6. Belynda's, definitely that one!

  7. Love the wall paper and mirror...sorry having a little snoop! xxx

  8. What fun you are going to have! It's exciting.

  9. I love the bird cage print too. It's really pretty.

  10. i love the Belynda Sharples wall covering and the last one.
    Isn't it stressful waiting on the legal stuff, just finished myself and now happy and cosy in my new home!! Congrats to you.
    looking forward to seeing what you do.

  11. hmmmm, quirky wallpapers indeed:)

  12. I've been looking for wallpaper for about a year. I'm getting the Swallows wallpaper from Places and Spaces and I love the Grove Garden wallpaper from Osborne and Little. I also just ordered samples from Graham and Brown of this hexagonal wallpaper by Marcel Wanders - I saw it in Easy Living magazine this month and it looks fabulous. Cheap too - I think I'm going to get it.


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