Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beautifully romantic photography from Yvette Inufio

The other day I came across the photography of Yvette Inufio on the Whole Lotta Lovely blog and totally fell in love with it... The colours and tones are so romantic, calming and relaxing...

I'd love some of her work for my wall, perhaps a series of small prints or one printed up large... luckily you can order her prints from her Etsy shop! Check it out
here. I'm not sure how I'd ever choose though!!

Yvette also has a lovely blog with a name so perfectly matched to her style of photography - Morning Light in my Room... how lovely, make sure to have a look and keep up to date on her new work. To see more of her photography, visit her flickr page, if you're anything like me you'll end up going through all 41 pages!



  1. light, dreamy, delicate, lovely:)

  2. Oh Caroline, thanks so much!

  3. these are incredible photos! what a lovely blog you have.

  4. I love Yvette's work, thanks for the mention, Mx

  5. Wow, these pictures make me so nostalgic for the 70s! My mum still uses her blue fan like that one. The blue case, the jug, and the typewriter are familiar too... LOVE.
    Wendy xxx


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