Thursday, July 23, 2009

books... All in the Detail

Today was firstly, a relieving and secondly, an exciting day, as the other half and I have just exchanged on our new (and first) home! And will be moving in 2 weeks! I am now in a total frenzy as I can finally get down to picking out furniture, colours, fabrics and accessories!

I'm diving into all my interiors books, and thought I'd share some beautiful inspiration from All in the Detail...

Even though I am not quite at the stage of adding the finishing touches (!) this book is full of so many gorgeous pictures it is still filling me with ideas for the general style I hope to get...

The book focuses on the things that we display around the home - china, glassware, mirrors, soft furnishings, art, flowers etc, and shows how best to create an elegant and stylish look which is still affordable....

I think this might be one of my faves, I love those pastel chairs, and how the mismatch plates have been displayed....

Images courtesy of Ryland Peters & Small

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  1. How exciting for you, congratulations, I'm sure you'll have a busy two weeks! Lovely images, I recognise the one with the Aga and "beach" letters, it's the florist Jane Packer's holiday home (which started me off on my longing for a holiday home of our own!)
    Hen x

  2. a new home, That is Exciting! congratulations, happy unpacking and arranging and decorating:)

  3. I LOVE the dining room/kitchen picture with the floral arrangements, coloured mixing bowls and the spotty tablecloth! Happy housewarming!
    Wendy xx

  4. Hi Caroline..oooh this book is on my Amazon wishlist, thanks for the sneeky peek I think it may be heading quickly into my Amazon basket now!! best of luck with the new house purchase exciting!!! x

  5. Congratulations – very excited for you :)

    That book is so pretty – every time I see that ref with the art deco mirrors it reminds me that we're still to get round to put ours up (I own about 20). The other half doesn't want to start putting them up until I've definitely decided where they should go! You have all that to look forward to in your new place! ;)

  6. I love focussing on all the tiny details, this book looks perfect :-)


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