Friday, July 17, 2009

Nostalgic Britain at New Designers

A theme that was predominant for me through the New Designers show was Nostalgia and I also noticed much of the work was also inspired by British culture. The work of these 4 designers particularly stood out for me...

Amy Greer's collection 'A Time A Place' gives a modern twist to concepts of nostalgia and age and holding on to keepsakes from the past.

I love the delicate feel to her work, and also the incorporation of old family photos in to her designs.

A similar theme runs through Sara Thomas's work, where she has taken inspiration from her family heritage and the village where 4 generations of her family have lived in Wales. A story of her grandparents war time love affair adds to the romantic feel of the work...

Natalie Turner's work was particularly interesting to me, as she has been inspired by the British seaside... and this was what my own photography degree work was focused on back in 2005! Finally it seems the British public are reconnecting with our beautiful coastline... a combination of the credit crunch but also a resurgence for nostalgic holidays... the recent boom in prices for beach huts is testament to this! Natalie's modern take on the traditional deckchair is eye catching and fun, and themes of donkey rides and ice cream represent memories of childhood holidays at the seaside....

And finally Jenny Appleton's wallpaper designs are exploring ideas surrounding tradition, modern culture and recognisable British institutions.... how funny to have Stephen Fry on your wallpaper! :)

I loved the fact that so many designers have been inspired by history and by home... and that design is finally moving away from stark white clean lines to much more decorative, fun and colourful themes!
Good Luck to these graduating designers with thier future careers!!



  1. I am so with you on the move away from minimalism. There is enough in modern life (particularly if you live in a city) that is cold and high tech already. I think it is so lovely to come home to a relaxed, colourful, environment that reflects your personality and at the end of the day makes you smile.

  2. Ooh, I didn't spot all of these (although the ribbon plates from your previous post are on my list...) I'm a bit concerned that 1987 is nostalgia...I must be ancient!

  3. everything is lovely and yes, nostalgic:)

  4. Hi Caroline!
    Those cushions are really fabolous!
    I've finally posted a link at your blog/shop!
    Have a great weekend!


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