Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pretty new Lavender Hearts!

I've been very busy with my little shop recently, looking for lovely new things to add to my collection, and today these little beauties arrived!

Aren't they pretty?! They are filled with lavender so can be hung up to scent a room, or slip one in your lingerie drawer or wardrobe, although I think they are too beautiful to hide away!
You could even hang it off your bed frame, as lavender is a great aid for relaxing sleep. :)

I know there are lots of this kind of thing around but I particularly loved these because of the gorgeous vintage feel to the fabric, and the colours are fab too...
There are 2 different designs but they are all slightly different anyway, and at £6.95 they are also a lovely gift!

Available in the Living & Bathroom section on my site:



  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and thanks for your good wishes :-) Your new shop looks gorgeous - if you think my new items would do well on it, give me a call!


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