Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pretty plates at New Designers

At the weekend I visited the New Designers show in London, and really was truly inspired by some of the work on display...
So I thought I would try and do a little serious of posts to share with you my picks from the show, and I am even considering approaching some of the designers about stocking their designs in my boutique, so would love to hear from you what items you think you would actually buy, or just what your faves are!

Today I have 3 ceramic designers who I think have created some particularly pretty plates!

Natalie Moore's work was displayed in the One Year On section of the exhibition, which was a selection of work from the 2008 show.
Natalie sources the plates from charity shops & car boot sales, then sandblasts them to create a beautiful new item. I think these would look stunning displayed on a dresser or shelf or on your wall.

Secondly Jessica Joslin's plates caught my eye... Also decorative items, Jessica has incorporated ceramic gift bows which add a touch of fun to the traditional decorative wall hanging plates.

And last but not least, Claire Baker had a eye catching quirky display of her work which was quite obviously inspired by and also incorporated vintage china. Visit her website for more of her designs...



  1. I love Clare Bakers plate and think it is just stunning!! I like Jessicas too and like you say they would look good on a dresser. But Clares one is just lovely!! I want that one :)

  2. oh my, what lovelies:D i saw the natalie moore plates at decor8 yesterday but ive never seen jessica joslin's and clare baker.... i love these plates!!!! i wish i could collect even one from each on my cupboard:D

  3. They are all wonderfully original concepts but I think that Claire Baker gets my vote too..
    I love that slightly ethereal feel about her work..

    Michele x

  4. Oh gosh, these designers are incredibly talented. I am in awe with these pictures of their work you're sharing with us. Thank you for that!

  5. I definitely like the idea of using plates as decorative items...very pretty!

  6. Well spotted Caroline, these are gorgeous! I especially love Natalie Moore's plates and would like some for myself! Definitely think you should stock them xxx

  7. what a gorgeous ceramic plate...i like it so muchhh cooll platesss

  8. Oh those are lovely!

    I think I like the last one best :-)

    Rose XXX

  9. Hi Caroline, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, time for some mutral blog appreciation, yours is lovely too! Love Natalie moore's plates especially the first one, so fragile and beautiful. Lovely post thank you x

  10. I enjoyed new designers very much!! so much talent, I am still posting about a lot of amazing work I got to see there. I am glad to have come across your blog.


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