Monday, July 6, 2009

Travel Style

I am starting to feel the strain of not having a holiday booked this year.... I keep reminding myself about our lovely house we are buying and all the saving will be worth it when we move in there, but I do miss the anticipation of heading off somewhere new with nothing but exploring, relaxing, eating and drinking on the agenda!

Instead I'm consoling myself with some travel inspired goodies...!
Karen Lansdown is featured in Homes & Antiques magazine this month with her business which sells original 1950's and 1960's travel posters....

It seems you have to phone or email for pricing, but check out some alternatives on the likes of

oooh, and how fab are these travel postcards and stickers from Cape Henley?! or is that just me with my secret stationary obsession?! ;)

Bon Voyage if you are jetting off somewhere soon! I'm so jealous! xxx


  1. Handsupholidays provides the highest quality custom-travel planning in the world.

  2. Hi, I saw that article in H&A too. The posters look great don't they. I love poster art, but it just comes a time when there just aren't enough walls ;-)


  3. Oh thanks for that link. I am doing Travel posters with my class 3 next year, it will come in very handy!

  4. Loving the first Paris poster! We're having the same holiday dilemma... can't really afford to go anywhere due to flat stuff but still dreaming about catching some sun... if the British weather would sort itself out that would be great ;)

  5. i totally can relate... i SO WISH me and my hubby can go on a getaway=)

  6. Yes I have a thing for stationery too! I need to cure my addiction in fact.

  7. Lovely retro posters! You've got a gorgeous blogby the way! :)

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  9. Awesome! I’m looking forward to traveling more in 2010, so I’ll have to bookmark this post too! Thanks!


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