Friday, August 21, 2009

Composting with Class!

Mouldy rotten food is not the most glamourous of things is it? But as we all try to do our bit for the environment with recycling our household waste and composting food scraps, we might as well try to do it with a bit of style!! and lets face it, the kitchen caddies supplied by our local councils are just not cutting it in the style stakes! SO, I went in search of some kitchen composters we'd be proud to have on display, and I have to say, it wasn't the easiest of jobs! I am definitely seeing a gap in the market there! But here are my pick of the best....

1. Probably one of the ones you've seen around the most - Garden Trading - £18, comes in 3 colours.
2. From the lovely Jamie Oliver's range - £20
3. If you got a bit of a stainless steel look going on in your kitchen, this might be the one for you.... £29.95 from the Guardian Eco Store

4. For a bit of fun and a splash of colour, this seems to be your only option! £19.49 at Lakeland.
I love the shade of red!
5. For a bit more of a contemporary shape check out
Lakeland again for this one £14.89
6. This cute ceramic one is the one that I went for! and it is looking 'very nice too' lined up next to our new Brabantia bin! Pick up from for £22.56
7. For any readers in the US youve got the option of this lovely little bamboo one! anyone know of one like this available in the UK? Available from
Olive Barn for $39.95.
8. And finally, I think this one may have been my 2nd choice, I really like the olive green colour. £16.95 from
Burgon & Ball, and comes with 2 Burgon & Ball liners.
Would love to hear what your faves are and if you know of any other lovely ones that I've missed!


  1. I would have a hard time choosing just one. I love them all and I think my favourite would be the last one you listed and then the big red apple :) We have just got ourselves a big compost bin for outside in the garden and we need a little one for inside too. Great finds :)

  2. Thanks for the link to Garden Trading. I'm addicted now!

  3. These are gorgeous! I love the style of the first, second, and fifth ones. Very inspiring!
    Wendy xx

  4. oh what a nice post! i love jamie oliver's Worm Food and the Peely bin=)

  5. What a great topic for a post!!

    I think I would go for number 5, the 'peely bin'.


  6. You can also grab one from here! I hope kitchen composting catches on.


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