Sunday, August 16, 2009

Outdoor obsessions...

As I may have mentioned before one of the most exciting things for me about my new house is having an outside space! Is it weird to be this thrilled about having a washing line?!?
It all needs brightening up with some plants and pretty pots, so I'm currently collecting garden inspiration....

I would love a couple of these Penguin book cover deckchairs, to add that punch of colour!

£65 from Crocus

I'm also so excited at the prospect of growing some more herbs and vegetables if I can... so will obviously need one of these fantastic mini greenhouses from Plantstuff!!

And RE have these lovely vintage watering cans which may also be a neccessity if want to be become that green fingered goddess!

Oh, and if like me you are keen to or already grow your own veg, you should check out one of my own latest products on Patchwork Harmony - these gorgeous seed markers and absolutely beautiful and all unique as they are handmade by designer Esther Coombs. They can be made to order if needed, just drop me an email!

Happy Gardening!!

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  1. ohhh gosh, those seed markers are sooooo adorable!!!! perfect additions to your shop! a mini outdoor space, yeah im yearning too!


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