Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kitchen ideas at MC Maison

When I go to Paris I am looking forward to picking up some of the French interiors magazines -
I love Marie Claire Maison's website, (even though I can't understand most of it!) so definitely want to grab a copy of that, just to look at lovely pictures!

oh how I wish my kitchen was big enough for a Smeg!

I love the picture frames grouped together here...

I plan to get black & white floor tiles for our kitchen, although I'll only need a fraction of the tiles they have here! How huge is this kitchen?!!

Whats your thoughts on this black & white striped floor? I actually think it really works in this small space, and definitely gives the room a talking point! mmm.... would I be brave enough?!

pics via Marie Claire Maison, Design Sponge

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Year in Paris...

yes its true! I'm so excited! has anyone got any good tips for things to do/see in Paris at New Year?!

we hope to go cycling around the city on New Years Day, and hopefully make it to a flea market if they are on.... but any other recommendations are very welcome!

You may notice a few more French inspired posts creeping on here in the next few months!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New vintage items added!

Thanks so much for the get well soon wishes over the last few days! I'm feeling much better than I was, although still got a very annoying cough! Never mind, I have managed to add some lovely new vintage items to - check them out and treat yourself!

Go on! Visit the Vintage section and have a look!

Would you believe I am doing my Christmas shoot for the website this week?! It feels very weird buying props like Xmas trees in September, especially when the weather has been so great recently!! I will let you know when I've got the Christmas goodies on the site, and I'm excited to hear your thoughts on a product I've been working on myself for the Christmas range - handmade by me and exclusive to Patchwork Harmony! I hope you will like it! watch this space!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

under the weather....

so I ended up catching my other half's nasty cold so have now myself been bundled up on the sofa with Night Nurse as my only friend....
feeling somewhat uninspired so I'll be back soon... xxx

pic by Melissa Kaseman

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Aid Fashion

My other half has been a bit poorly this week (he hates the word poorly so thought I'd use it! tee hee!) so there's been boxes of lemsip, piles of tissues and flu tablets everywhere, and it reminded me to post about the fashion for 'first aid chic' which is currently around! I recently started stocking these gorgeous French, vintage style boxes on - and they have been selling phenomenally well! At about the size of a shoebox they fit so much in and hide away all those unsightly medication packets....

Check them out here - only £18.95

If you are not so much a hypochondriac (like I am!) to have a shoe box full of pills & potions, I also sell this lovely tin version which is about half the size....

View here - £11.95

oh and I am in love with these vintage tins for plasters I have just added to the Vintage section!
I love the vibrant red, white and blue colours, and the typography and the graphics are fab!
They are great for keeping your plasters in in the medical box, but even better for slipping in your handbag for those shopping trips when you just know you'll end up with blisters! :)

£3.50 each - view here.

here are so other ideas for storing your medication!

Cute vintage design - Toys & Interiors - £4.95

modern look - Graham & Green - £59

Retro - Not on the high street - £13.95

Lockable and wall mounted - Heals - £45

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anthropologie arrives soon in London...

ok, so I realise I may be about 9 months behind in the news of Anthropologie opening a London store, but hey, at least now the opening is imminent and we can start to get excited about what it will be like and what we can get out little mitts on!!

I'm really into old printing block letters at the min, so loving these 'Wooden Block' napkins (approx. £10)

...and here's a few of my other faves...

Mechanic Beacon Light (approx. £93)

Golden Odonata Creamer (approx. £17.50)

Cushions (approx. £50)

Cupboard (approx. £2,500)

Hand towel (approx. £24)

tea towel (approx. £10)

What do you think of there stuff? Some i like, some I don't, but its always exciting when a new store opens, so I'll definitely pop in for a peep!

Until then, check out the website!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Purple in small doses....

So purple hasn't proved to be that popular! But maybe the trick is to keep it in small doses! Just a touch here and there perhaps.... so here's a few of my fave purple accessory finds!

A subtle touch with these fancy door knobs from Papilio who create 'jewellery for the home'...

oh, and slightly off the purple theme, while on their site I spotted these lovely vintage glass handles....

Be sure to check out the website as they have kindly offered Patchwork Harmony readers a 20% discount until the 30th Sept - just enter the code PATCHWORK when you place an order.

Or if you feel like being a bit bolder with the colour how about this beautiful velvet sofa from Heals? I really wanted one like this actually but couldn't find the right size for our room.. :(

If that's a bit much, a few soft furnishings would just add that little bit of colour... I love the shade of this mohair blanket from Zara Home...

mmm... maybe it is particularly purple velvet that I am attracted to?! It has that regal feel about it don't you think?

Graham & Green


So anyone feeling purple yet?!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A vision in purple?

I've noticed a lot of purple in the fashion stores recently I was thinking about how well this colour transfers into interiors...

It seems to be a colour often ignored although there are so many different shades that can look fab.... I am quite enjoying 'aubergine' at the moment! I really like this example of using purple, and think it goes really well with the wooden floorboards, and the light coloured rug and shelving unit lighten things up...

What do you think? Is purple a good shade for our walls? What shades work and which don't?

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