Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Aid Fashion

My other half has been a bit poorly this week (he hates the word poorly so thought I'd use it! tee hee!) so there's been boxes of lemsip, piles of tissues and flu tablets everywhere, and it reminded me to post about the fashion for 'first aid chic' which is currently around! I recently started stocking these gorgeous French, vintage style boxes on - and they have been selling phenomenally well! At about the size of a shoebox they fit so much in and hide away all those unsightly medication packets....

Check them out here - only £18.95

If you are not so much a hypochondriac (like I am!) to have a shoe box full of pills & potions, I also sell this lovely tin version which is about half the size....

View here - £11.95

oh and I am in love with these vintage tins for plasters I have just added to the Vintage section!
I love the vibrant red, white and blue colours, and the typography and the graphics are fab!
They are great for keeping your plasters in in the medical box, but even better for slipping in your handbag for those shopping trips when you just know you'll end up with blisters! :)

£3.50 each - view here.

here are so other ideas for storing your medication!

Cute vintage design - Toys & Interiors - £4.95

modern look - Graham & Green - £59

Retro - Not on the high street - £13.95

Lockable and wall mounted - Heals - £45


  1. Love them... love that first box so much. Hope your other half feels less poorly soon ;)

  2. I love the first and second one!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> some get well vibes for your mister!

  3. Love these, but I have a MASSIVE box for all our medicines at the moment. Something has to be done. Wendy xxx

  4. Love your tins, they are gorgeous! In fact, it's the lovely vintage tins on your site that I swoon over most of all (I've got a bit of a thing for storage!).

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