Monday, September 7, 2009

The humble shed

If you are a regular reader here, you may know of my joy of having a little garden at my lovely new house, see Outdoor Obsessions.... and this weekend we turned our attention to our little shed and how I love that shed! All those quite ugly things such as bags of compost and tins of paint look completely at home in the shed, rather than shoved in one of the cupboards under the stairs!

So imagine my joy to come across a fantastic book called Shed Chic! Its been in the shops since April so you may know of it, and if you have a shed you MUST get this book!

I am now totally inspired to get out there, paint the shed and give it that little bit of extra care. I love these examples of muted tones that blend into the garden nicely... and the garden chairs create a lived in, homely feel....

The book gives ideas and advice on how to make your shed into a usable space, and not only for your garden tools.... if you have a good sized shed there are tips for creating an office space, a craft room, a kids playroom, an artists studio or even a guest room!

And for those with less space, how gorgeous is this little garden cupboard/shed?! perfect for your gardening bits and bobs....

I love the photography and styling of this book, and have so many ideas now I can't wait to get to work on my shed! I will hopefully show you the results sometime soon!

Buy Shed Chic here.
Images ©Jacqui Small / Country Living


  1. A sewing/craft room in a shed would be a dream come true. Lovely pics!

  2. I am always so envious of other's studios, workshops, craft rooms call them what you will..places to be creative! I have a kitchen table to work on.. and dream of owning my own little out house studio one day.. or one of these sheds!

  3. I love this idea and came across your blog while researching this topic for a post in my blog so I added a link to this page. Such a great idea and I hope to have a Humble Shed soon.


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