Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kitchen ideas at MC Maison

When I go to Paris I am looking forward to picking up some of the French interiors magazines -
I love Marie Claire Maison's website, (even though I can't understand most of it!) so definitely want to grab a copy of that, just to look at lovely pictures!

oh how I wish my kitchen was big enough for a Smeg!

I love the picture frames grouped together here...

I plan to get black & white floor tiles for our kitchen, although I'll only need a fraction of the tiles they have here! How huge is this kitchen?!!

Whats your thoughts on this black & white striped floor? I actually think it really works in this small space, and definitely gives the room a talking point! mmm.... would I be brave enough?!

pics via Marie Claire Maison, Design Sponge


  1. Oh I really like the black and white striped floor... Not sure I have a room it would suit but it looks very striking here with the red. I say do it if you have a space it might work in!

  2. I definitely love the black and white striped flooring. Go for it, I'm pretty sure you can carry it off! Colleen x

  3. I think the floor definitely works! I would never have thought it would in a small space but it makes the room look nice and spacious and injects that extra character into it. Go for the stripes!

  4. When my husband and I move out of our rented-for -this year flat, sell our own one and buy a new house, I'm having a black and white kitchen floor, to go with all my red and spotty vintage things!

  5. Black and white floor looks nice now. But will you be fed up with it after a couple of years?

  6. loved your blog, i just discovered it!!! it will also be helpful for my little brand "Creme anglaise" deco for children's room, will have a look at all the shops that you like, so my style.

    Thank you for you good vibe.


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