Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A nice big mug of tea!

As much as I love vintage china, most of the time you just want a nice big mug to hold a steaming cup of tea! I'm currently on the look out for extra special mugs, and I am totally in love with the one I picked up the other day! It seemed to have been abandoned on the mug shelf, it had no matching buddies, or others from its collection, but it looked the perfect mug! simple, pretty and most of all, big!

I now know it is made by the Big Tomato Company, and it does have some buddies! who are also very lovely! I want them all now! :)

I want to slowly collect a nice selection of good quality mugs, rather than have a set of matching ones... these are a few of my other faves...

I love how you could write little messages to your other half on these!

And I can't decide on which is my favourite Emma Bridgewater mug... they are all lovely! I think I may be swaying towards one of the bird ones....

Oh, and just because of my pug obsession, this one is just hilarious! tee hee! :)

do let me know if you see any other good ones!



  1. The last cup brings a smile to my face. Even the puppy dog eyes are there.


  2. I love big tomato co mugs. The are substantial and can hold alot of coffee!!

  3. I love the ones with the metallic prints on groovy!

  4. the happiness mugs are just that!

  5. Oh I lOVE a BIG mug of tea :-)

    I would love to get my hands on a Bridgewater one!

    I have bought a couple at Cath Kidston lately -she has a new range of big mugs, they are £4 each and have lots of different patterns on... I have a chicken one and a cowboy one!

    Rose XXX

  6. The cup of tea and the new magazine one is so true! Well it is of me at least... Your heart mug is so pretty... I currently need glasses instead... our cats went through a phase of knocking over our olds and now we have about 2 left!

  7. i know what you mean about vintage tea cups, i love the emma bridgwater mugs! fliss xx

  8. That's an incredible patchwork! I hope I can learn it from somewhere. It will be so exciting. I love all the above works.The one with the pug is awesome!

  9. i love your first one mug.its really nice.


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