Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Purple in small doses....

So purple hasn't proved to be that popular! But maybe the trick is to keep it in small doses! Just a touch here and there perhaps.... so here's a few of my fave purple accessory finds!

A subtle touch with these fancy door knobs from Papilio who create 'jewellery for the home'...

oh, and slightly off the purple theme, while on their site I spotted these lovely vintage glass handles....

Be sure to check out the website as they have kindly offered Patchwork Harmony readers a 20% discount until the 30th Sept - just enter the code PATCHWORK when you place an order.

Or if you feel like being a bit bolder with the colour how about this beautiful velvet sofa from Heals? I really wanted one like this actually but couldn't find the right size for our room.. :(

If that's a bit much, a few soft furnishings would just add that little bit of colour... I love the shade of this mohair blanket from Zara Home...

mmm... maybe it is particularly purple velvet that I am attracted to?! It has that regal feel about it don't you think?

Graham & Green


So anyone feeling purple yet?!!


  1. Those door handles are gorgeous!

    I do like purple for home interiors, but you have to be a bit careful to not overdo it. You've picked some lovely purple things in your post!

  2. Like purple too.Decorative and very stylish.

  3. More purple? Go on, bring on the red!

    But I do like the purple velvet throw, so perhaps a little purple is OK, and it does clash beautifully with crimson.
    Ok I won't knock purple anymore.

  4. I've had my purple settee for 7... no wait, 8! years now and still love it. Don't be afraid to go for a bold piece if you love it.

  5. Hi!! Hope you are well...

    I like purple, but it has to be velvet like you have mentioned! And I like to think of it as more of an 'aubergine' colour than that instant colour springing to mind when someone says 'purple'... the shade has to be right.

    Lucy xx

  6. my sister simply LOVES purple!


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