Thursday, September 10, 2009

Traditional Craftsmanship at Niki Jones

As Autumn slowly but surely starts to draw in I am feeling the need for some warm colours, candlelight and cosy textiles, and Niki Jones online boutique is the perfect remedy for this....
All the products are handmade by local craftspeople from around the world, giving a prominent feel of global influence to the collection, and also supporting traditional crafts in developing countries.

Gorgeous cushions....

chunky throws....

lovely lanterns & candle holders....

cute tea cosies....

and I love this pink chair that would look lovely alongside the delicate bed linen below!

Prices are not too bad, and I think that they in fact reflect the care and work that has been put into the items which look beautifully made. Definitely a few things to add to my birthday and Christmas lists there! ;)



  1. Great finds - thanks so much!!!

  2. Great pic of tea lights on the stairs. While the daylight fades it is so lovely to break out loads of tea lights.


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