Thursday, September 24, 2009

under the weather....

so I ended up catching my other half's nasty cold so have now myself been bundled up on the sofa with Night Nurse as my only friend....
feeling somewhat uninspired so I'll be back soon... xxx

pic by Melissa Kaseman


  1. So sorry honey, arent colds awful, you have my sympathy keep taking the miraculous green stuff - the only good thing about the sniffles. Look forward to you coming back, love your inspiration you are a very clever lady. Thank you for introducing me to Anthropologie - love it love it.

  2. awww:( drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices, get well soonest Caroline=)

  3. Rest well, and hope you'll get better soon!

  4. I have it too, and it was also husband given!

    Get well soon lovely, and have lots of hot drinks xxxx


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