Sunday, September 13, 2009

A vision in purple?

I've noticed a lot of purple in the fashion stores recently I was thinking about how well this colour transfers into interiors...

It seems to be a colour often ignored although there are so many different shades that can look fab.... I am quite enjoying 'aubergine' at the moment! I really like this example of using purple, and think it goes really well with the wooden floorboards, and the light coloured rug and shelving unit lighten things up...

What do you think? Is purple a good shade for our walls? What shades work and which don't?



  1. I like aubergine too. That is almost a neutral shade of purple that I think you can do a lot with it. Greens, browns, golds, whites, pinks, blues all can go with that shade in the right tone. Oh, gray is also good with it as in your top photo. I think you have to have a certain amount of confidence to use purple in decor and I say, if you love it do it.

  2. I like the really dark purples... but I have to say I'm not that much of fan any more but mainly because I used to have a purple bedroom in my first flat so I feel like that's the 'old' me if that makes sense?

    P.S. I want those shutters in the last pic!

  3. I am not a huge fan of purple and yet in the right place it looks fab! I
    do think the dramatic darker aubergine looks very stylish in the living
    room .. in small doses.. less is more!
    Hope you are having fun with your home design project.
    Michele x

  4. i really like the pale lavender bathroom!

  5. My favourite is the second last one, the really dark purple. When we first moved into this house we painted our bedroom walls purple, the living area blue, the lounge teal green, the hallway apricot, and the minor bedrooms yellow!!! Now, I can't believe we had such horrid colours through our house! These days, we're going for white with accents of brown and red.

  6. I have to say that I absolutly loved this post!! I am a huge fan of purple in the home and these pictures only further prove my point! There so rich and warm and inviting! I absolutly love them!!! Thanks for pulling these all together and sharing with us =)


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