Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Boom bedrooms

There is most definitely a baby boom happening at the moment... either that or I'm just at that age where everyone you know starts having kids! 2 of my best friends are expecting their first little bundles in the new year (congrats again!) so I thought I'd do a post about pretty nurseries, for any of you out there getting ready for that new little life in your life! x

love this detail on this door! how sweet!

how great is this dolls house style shelving?!

shabby chic for kids....!


  1. Oh how pretty1
    such lovely cosy childrens rooms!x

  2. Hey, just happen to stumble in your blog...
    just a thought: most babies are born in late Oct/ early Nov. Y? Coz 9months back would be Feb... Valentines day!
    Baby boom, definitely happening. Lol...
    this was posted on my bday, btw.. :)

  3. Oohh i'm so broody it's not even funny!! It doesnt help i keep spotting beautiful nursery's... and that with my interiors obbsession is just killing me. I love that french stenciling on the bedroom door, so lovely.


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