Sunday, October 4, 2009

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As the season changes to Autumn and all the lovely colours emerge around us - and it is exactly this - Nature - that Judith Miller says inspires interior decoration for the country style home in her new book Country Colour.

From trees and flowers to the sky and the sun, the colour palettes that work well in a country home are detailed in this book, and how natural materials such as stone, wood and earth compliment these tones and shades.

from whites and off whites....

to peaceful blues....

to earthy yellows....

I love the mixed palette here of blues, reds, pinks, greens and a splash of yellow...

There is a section focusing on florals - more inspiration from nature - and which works anywhere in the home from the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom.... I love the eclectic mix of florals here and the strong green which is daring but striking.

The final section of the book - Essential Elements looks at furnishings and accessories in the country home. One area Judith looks at is painted furniture and different colour pallettes which can work. One of my favourite pages from the book was this slightly opulent kitchen setting, with it elaborate chandelier, and ornate pillar in the corner. The girly splashes of pink and green really make it an eye catching scene!

So if, like me!, you are planning to decorate anytime soon this book is worth a peek if you are keen to create a bit of a country style feel. Even if you don't live in a 300 year old farmhouse, there are lots of tips of how to create this style in whatever your interior.

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images courtesy of Jacqui Small


  1. the pink chairs and green table and that enormous chandelier is so lovely! makes you wanna have cookies and tea all the time!

  2. Oh WOW!!!! What a lovely home! xxx xxx


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